Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Cow Lady Lamp

 The Folk Art Lamp collection keeps growing. This is Jeff's newest memeber...a charmng Lady sitting with a fresh pail of milk, a lamp and her beloved cow!

Jester Lamps....these guys are getting to be quite popular..both sold at the Morristown show to very happy customers who loved the lamp designs created in true Folk Art fashion...

Jeff's collection of ornaments is growing too...Jesters, Humpty Dumpty's, moons, fish lures he calls poppers, George Washington (shown left of the Jester) and a new design that sold out at the show..a Molly ornament, (shown lower left in a pink coat with boots and pocketbook.) She must be quite a shopper....hmmmmmmm

Part of Jeff's display for the booth includes this new "wall" to hang the "His heart on his sleeve," a two sided work with "faith, hope, and love," carved on both sides. The Love Bird Clock,  Sun & Moon tray, Chicken and Cow mini shelves and the Angel Clock...a real crowd pleaser....

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