Sunday, August 1, 2010

Colander Clocks

I first started selling Jeff''s colander clocks at my gallery in Bedford ...Cordwainer Gallery of Fine Crafts  and now I show and sell his work at my Bed and Breakfast in Deerfield, NH.
He uses vintage as well as new colanders and every clock face is hand carved and painted by two are alike.  He's getting ready for a craft show in Morristown, New Jersey this October  and has been stockpiling clock inventory...Jeff has about 40 already made up, as well as some charming benches, carved bowls, trays and some very unique ornaments..His clocks retail from $125-$295, depending on the size, whether it is a new or old colander and also the intricacy of the carvings,  The pendulums match the style of the colanders and swing gently back and forth.  Every kitchen should have one!

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